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Minimalism has transformed my life! Instead of me owning my stuff it seemed that my stuff had instead owned me. So I decided to simplify the chaos and throw out everything unnecessary.

As I am trying to embrace the beauty of nature I decided to only keep earth tones in my closet and cleanse myself from harsh unflattering colors. the color pallet creates a more zen morning routine. layering knitwear creates texture depth and I enjoy playing with color gradient.

This kind of dressing feels more grown up and sophisticated with a bit of androgyny

I feel like i can breath and have more time to be creative without being bogged down with clutter.

H&M sale:

white sweater- 7$

Salvation Army:

Grey knit cardigan- 2$

skirt- 8$

white tights- 99 cents

blood red oxford- 7$

May your cleansing process be rad ❤