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The process of decaying is so beautiful to me. I was inspired by the depth of colors that occurs upon the withering away process of a fresh cut rose. The more it dies the more vibrant the colors seem to become as it changes and shapes into a new dried flower that will last for a long time. It begins to preserve itself.

This metaphor is so relevant to life and hardships. When times become difficult, it makes us into humans with more depth and beauty if we can learn from the situations. My H&M man sale flower skull shirt is so reminiscent of this philosophy. Pairing something soft with something grungy creates a good balance of aesthetics.

Dressing yourself is a way of expressing your story and how you feel each day, make the most of it
What are you going to say today?

H&M sale
Skull shirt- 7$
skirt- 5$

Thrift shop
Shoes- 4$

Madonna glove- 10$

May it be rad!

~Kitty ❤