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Faux fur tan jacket 15$ marked down to 7$ at the salvation army


velvet neutral ombre gown 1$


Lace rose embroidered fringe shawl 1$


embellished sweater vest reminded me of Alexander McQueen for 5.99 and 25% off


demolished and sequin sweater 5.99 and 25% off

The trick to looking expensive is to find things at the thrift store with interesting color, patterns or textures. A mixture of textures and variety creates depth in your wardrobe. Embroidery and details will elevate a simple boring everyday look to something bold and sophisticated.

Lately I have gone through lots of different style evolution, from punk rocker to girly flower girl to dressing like a kid and nothing seems to be fitting my personality correctly. I found it time to purge my closet of everything that made feel less than confident and stripped it to it bare bones, ruthlessly.

I love a bit of dark romantic mystery. In order to come to this conclusion I wrote down as many descriptive adjectives for myself as I could think of. This is my best advice in narrowing down your specific style when you are feeling lost. The clothes you wear should define your whole being from dreams and aspirations to fears and flaws (these flaws are what make us beautiful individual).

“Fashion is an external view of your internal world.”

I wish you the best on your own self seeking adventure

May it be rad
❤ Kitty