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Has anyone found themselves lost in a pile of hords of random clothes, asking the question

“who even am I”

“what is my personal style aesthetic”

Well through much trial and error here goes your answer.

Without a clear understanding of who you are as a person, it is hard to narrow down your own distinctive personal style. I would say that throughout the years if anyone asked me what my personal style was I would describe it as simply “bipolar mood style” either that or “that girl looks crazy”. Not very good sounding titles to say the least.

I have gone through phases anywhere from Gothic princess, urban thug, frilly girly, grungy hipster all the way to nerd chic. I have found that the best way to narrow down my deep personal style is to start pinterest boards. So here goes my sure fire way to finding yourself and your own personal voice.

  1. List

Write down a list of things that make you passionate.  (here are some of mine just for example)

  • Beautiful details (embroidery, application, glitter)
  • Fashion design
  • Haute couture
  • Renaissance beauty
  • Living in a fairy tale
  • Minimization

These will become your board starting ideas

2. Add Pictures

Add all pictures that describe how these passions make you feel.

Follow as many people with the same interests and brows the main topic words in the search bar. Let your imagination run wild. I started out with a bundle of colorful crazy harajuku girls and crazy color abstract pieces of clothes.

3.Edit, Edit, Edit!

Go back through over time and edit, delete and purge ruthlessly the things that don’t feel true to what you love.

With time, as I really thought about what I love, my eye became more drawn to sophistication and beauty as well as destruction. I found as I cleansed my pinterest a softer more dramatic but still dark beauty has came into my theme of life.

Ask yourself what themes you now see in the bare bones of your boards

This process will lead you to a deeper understanding of what it is you are all about as a person and the way you can portray yourself. May your trip of self discovery be rad!

Leave your pinterest links down below so I can check them out and let me know how this works for you<3

Here is my final results! check it out