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Learning to sew has been a challenge,but bring it on!

1. Fabric selection- I have learned that the best time to go to the fabric store is on holidays.  They had simplicity patterns  5 for 5 dollars. 

Be it some of the pattern selections are awful…there where a few good hidden treasures. (Can not wait to venture into making my own patterns, as to not get bored, stay tuned! )

My cheapest fabrics have been found at handcocks fabric, but Joanns seems to have good quality fabric as well despite being pricy.

Use different kinds of fabric textures and types for interest.

2. Sizes- know your body measurements. Get someone to measure your waist, bust and center back. 

The first dress I made ended up being huge! The sizes on the back are odd because I had to use a 10 for this dress and it fits like a glove.


3. Zippers- I have found that invisible zippers are my favorite opposed to regular.  It looks more professional and finished.

There are certain kinds of feet that your machine need to sew it in. Using a regular zipper foot I broke my needle on the metal, so I found it easiest to put said zipper in by hand. 


4. Pinning- using satin is a very slippy process.  I found for the arm holes, bust hem it held together much easier when pinned sideways away from my fabric. 

When I pined it strait the fabric became harder to sew efficiently.  When I pointed it towards the satin, the pins scraped at the fabric.


5.Basting- a long stich to hold together the fabric and keep the neck from stretching. 

In order to get the skirt to be A lined the pattern called for 2 basting stitched.  After trying to get the sequined fabric to scrunch the long basing stich broke.

It would probably be easier to break the basting into sections or scrunch the fabric to fit by hand using pins. It also helps to baste after from the back and flip it over to stitch along the waists line from the front.

6. An iron is your new best friend!- I named mine Betty.I go over my pattern pieces with my iron to make sure they are not crinkly.

Ironing the inside as you go makes your garment look clean and holds down the hems better.

7. Cutting pattern pieces – to hold them down in the right spot I use knifes as weight to get a clean cut with more ease instead of pinning them down.

8. Keep clean – I find it easier to sew in my living room that is minimal because we have no furniture in the way to lay out the patterns.

Also it will be more enjoyable as you go to throw away your trash and end threads.  Keep it simple.

I think everyone should give making their own clothes a try.  It is very rewarding in the end,  and I am now addicted.  Let me know if this has helped you or if you have any suggestions to make sewing easier.

Next month I will be working on costumes for the little mermaid! ! (A.k.a. my most favorite thing in the world because I am a mermaid! ) stay tuned for more tips and inspiration to come =^.^=

May it be rad
♡ Kitty xoxo