Millionaire Man


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Today I am channeling my inner British millionaire old man. He wears his fancy embroidered gold and emerald rob around all day.

Styled with a top knot, seen from the streets of London fashion week. Top knots elevate any look.

I matched it with a droopy grey pearl necklace and double gold belted boots. A look of casually sophistication.

Makes me want to lounge around town and pretend to live as an old retried man.

Take time to slow down and treat yourself like a rich old man ever once in a while.

Necklace – F21 10$
Robe – good will 7$
Dress- h&m present from co-worker
Boots- salvation army 4$

May it be rad!
❤ Kitty


Creative Blogger Award


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Thank you Tribloco for nominating me for the creative blogger award

Here are the rules for the award:

1. Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you.

2. Share five facts about yourself to your readers.

3. Nominate 10 other blogs and post their links.

4. Notify all nominees via their social media/blogs.

5. Pass these rules on to them.


1. The little mermaid is my favorite movie, I am a mermaid

2. My best friend helped me shave off half my hair, I am never going back

3. Alison Harvard from Americas next top model is my fashion meme. She inspired me to embrace the things that make us unique.

4. I am an only child  unless you count my cat that I received as an Easter present when I was 4

5. I got bored very easily and enjoy searching for adventure



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Check out these lovely bloggers! I am so happy to find beautiful blogs that keep me motivated, and new beautiful blog friends to be inspired by.

Let your words paint a more beautiful and creative reality

Stay rad

Flower Child Thrift


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This classic white shirt with a bow detail is a good transition piece for both spring and this coming fall. Thrift find for 4$




Going to transform this princess ball gown into something modern for the amazing price of only .75 cents! Also going to renew this nude purse for 3$



Another .75 cent dress to remake. the original price was 5$ and all the dresses where 75% off, what a steal



flowers and basket where 4$ at the dollar tree



Excited to rock the night gown grandma chic right out of this silky lace detailed dress for 3$



head flower .50 cents and mermaid stones a dollar to craft with

Ever since I was a little girl, flowers have represented freedom to me. As we get older, we tend to become tied down to responsibilities and can easily lose our desire to explore and be free.

Today I challenge you to try doing something you loved to do as a kid. For me it is dressing up and creating something new out of something used. Here goes to experimentation!

I find myself feeling stuck so here goes for making some goals and letting them drive  life forward :

  • Open a boutique
  • Learn how to sew and construct
  • travel the world
  • learn a new language
  • try exotic foods
  • take up dance classes

What are your dreams and aspirations today?

May they be rad

❤ Kitty


Find your Style on Pinterest?


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Has anyone found themselves lost in a pile of hords of random clothes, asking the question

“who even am I”

“what is my personal style aesthetic”

Well through much trial and error here goes your answer.

Without a clear understanding of who you are as a person, it is hard to narrow down your own distinctive personal style. I would say that throughout the years if anyone asked me what my personal style was I would describe it as simply “bipolar mood style” either that or “that girl looks crazy”. Not very good sounding titles to say the least.

I have gone through phases anywhere from Gothic princess, urban thug, frilly girly, grungy hipster all the way to nerd chic. I have found that the best way to narrow down my deep personal style is to start pinterest boards. So here goes my sure fire way to finding yourself and your own personal voice.

  1. List

Write down a list of things that make you passionate.  (here are some of mine just for example)

  • Beautiful details (embroidery, application, glitter)
  • Fashion design
  • Haute couture
  • Renaissance beauty
  • Living in a fairy tale
  • Minimization

These will become your board starting ideas

2. Add Pictures

Add all pictures that describe how these passions make you feel.

Follow as many people with the same interests and brows the main topic words in the search bar. Let your imagination run wild. I started out with a bundle of colorful crazy harajuku girls and crazy color abstract pieces of clothes.

3.Edit, Edit, Edit!

Go back through over time and edit, delete and purge ruthlessly the things that don’t feel true to what you love.

With time, as I really thought about what I love, my eye became more drawn to sophistication and beauty as well as destruction. I found as I cleansed my pinterest a softer more dramatic but still dark beauty has came into my theme of life.

Ask yourself what themes you now see in the bare bones of your boards

This process will lead you to a deeper understanding of what it is you are all about as a person and the way you can portray yourself. May your trip of self discovery be rad!

Leave your pinterest links down below so I can check them out and let me know how this works for you<3

Here is my final results! check it out


Couture for Cheap


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Faux fur tan jacket 15$ marked down to 7$ at the salvation army


velvet neutral ombre gown 1$


Lace rose embroidered fringe shawl 1$


embellished sweater vest reminded me of Alexander McQueen for 5.99 and 25% off


demolished and sequin sweater 5.99 and 25% off

The trick to looking expensive is to find things at the thrift store with interesting color, patterns or textures. A mixture of textures and variety creates depth in your wardrobe. Embroidery and details will elevate a simple boring everyday look to something bold and sophisticated.

Lately I have gone through lots of different style evolution, from punk rocker to girly flower girl to dressing like a kid and nothing seems to be fitting my personality correctly. I found it time to purge my closet of everything that made feel less than confident and stripped it to it bare bones, ruthlessly.

I love a bit of dark romantic mystery. In order to come to this conclusion I wrote down as many descriptive adjectives for myself as I could think of. This is my best advice in narrowing down your specific style when you are feeling lost. The clothes you wear should define your whole being from dreams and aspirations to fears and flaws (these flaws are what make us beautiful individual).

“Fashion is an external view of your internal world.”

I wish you the best on your own self seeking adventure

May it be rad
❤ Kitty



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The process of decaying is so beautiful to me. I was inspired by the depth of colors that occurs upon the withering away process of a fresh cut rose. The more it dies the more vibrant the colors seem to become as it changes and shapes into a new dried flower that will last for a long time. It begins to preserve itself.

This metaphor is so relevant to life and hardships. When times become difficult, it makes us into humans with more depth and beauty if we can learn from the situations. My H&M man sale flower skull shirt is so reminiscent of this philosophy. Pairing something soft with something grungy creates a good balance of aesthetics.

Dressing yourself is a way of expressing your story and how you feel each day, make the most of it
What are you going to say today?

H&M sale
Skull shirt- 7$
skirt- 5$

Thrift shop
Shoes- 4$

Madonna glove- 10$

May it be rad!

~Kitty ❤

Scrunchies so Sexy


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Contrary to popular belief scrunchies have benefits:

  1. Untangled- the soft covering allows for less breakage in your hair. I don’t know how I manage to get regular tie ties so incredibly tangled in the half of hair that I do have, but no one likes a half sided tangle main. Ever since using only scrunchies my hair feels less contrived.
  2. Finesse- the added texture is fun and flirty. I bought my pack at big lots for 1.50, with 2 white and two blue. These minimal colors are great contrast for colorful hair.
  3. Rebellious-There is something so beautiful about breaking the rules and making a statement. Here’s to breaking the fashion boundaries because I am completely obsessed with them.

Lets bring the scrunchy back

May your experience be rad


Less is More


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Have more time to see the beauty of nature and do the things you love to do ❤
With the absence of silence I have gained a great appreciation for the silent times
I have learned the beauty of what the silence has to say
Slow down today
Take a look around you
Be in the present
What is the silence telling you?
Within the silence of reverence I find myself

May it be rad<3

Take care lovelies



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Minimalism has transformed my life! Instead of me owning my stuff it seemed that my stuff had instead owned me. So I decided to simplify the chaos and throw out everything unnecessary.

As I am trying to embrace the beauty of nature I decided to only keep earth tones in my closet and cleanse myself from harsh unflattering colors. the color pallet creates a more zen morning routine. layering knitwear creates texture depth and I enjoy playing with color gradient.

This kind of dressing feels more grown up and sophisticated with a bit of androgyny

I feel like i can breath and have more time to be creative without being bogged down with clutter.

H&M sale:

white sweater- 7$

Salvation Army:

Grey knit cardigan- 2$

skirt- 8$

white tights- 99 cents

blood red oxford- 7$

May your cleansing process be rad ❤